Short cut keys to use eclipse effectively

You should always keep your hands on the keyboard, since less you touch the mouse, the more code you can compose. With these easy routes of using the shortcut, I am trying to keep the mouse away and control the IDE totally. Below you will find some shortcut keys to use the eclipse effectively. Java Training will help you to know more about Java programming language.


You don’t need to grab your mouse and select the particular code to delete. Use this shortcut to delete your rows.

 ALT + Up/Down Arrow

This short cut key is used to move the row either up or down. It will be very useful for the programmers when they need to rearrange the code. Even you can move the multiple rows at once.

ALT + Left/Right Arrow

ALT +left/Right Arrow helps you to move to the final location you edited. Imagine that you have two classes one is “demo” and the other one is “remo”, now you are currently working in “remo” if you want to move to “demo” just press Alt +left arrow and press Alt+right Arrow to move again to “remo”


When we use the class at very first it will not be imported. This shortcut keys makes your class imported.


This shortcut is the most useful one. Consider that you are having a class which implements interfaces. At this time you will get an error since the inherited methods is not implemented. Press this combination to activate the fix.


CTRL+E lists out all the open editors.


This is similar to CTRL+ E. When you want to continuously switch between two editors, you can use this shortcut.


CTRL + SHIFT + F helps to format the code.


It shows the currently defined shortcut keys.

The above was the list of eclipse short cuts to code Java programming. Refer here for Java downloads Make use of this article effectively to use. The more you use the keyboard, the more you can code. Take up Java Course in Chennai to explore more short cut keys to use the eclipse IDE.