Recent Innovations of Informatica



Informatica is software which helps to maintain data with high security. It offers the product for master data management, data replica, data masking, data virtualization, data quality, etc. It is mainly used to connect and fetch the data from a different source.

Why is Informatica needed?

A user can insert, update, reject and delete the data as per their requirements. It allows you to store millions of data and you can apply it to your business.

New Releases

Recently, Informatica Cloud Data accelerates digital transformation. Informatica is a leader in 2017 and this is going to rule the world. Data managing is an important one in today’s innovations and it evolves Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Social, etc. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to integrate data from a wide variety of use-cases.

Data Integration

Structured and Unstructured data, hybrid or cloud deployments, real-time streaming, batch streaming, etc are business analysts. It is a key for data management strategy, it includes cloud data integration, data cataloging, big data edition, B2B integration, data governance, master data management, data security, etc.

Career Growth in Informatica

Nowadays, every organization prefers Informatica because it is the best tool that helps to maintain data with the cloud. It is almost used in all business such as healthcare, financial services, government, etc.   Informatica is the leader that Enterprise Cloud Data Management, it accelerates the digital transformation. More than 8000 customers using Informatica, because it is the trusted tool. Know more about this tool via Informatica Training in Chennai. Expert guidance will help you to update yourself with recent innovations. Use this opportunity and make yourself strong in the technical field.

Different Editions of Power Center

  1. Standard Edition
  2. Premium Edition

Informatica popular tools such as Oracle OWB, Ab Initio, IBM Data stage, etc.  All these editions are helpful.

Sources and Targets

Flat Files

It is the popular data sources used in Informatica. It can be separated file and it supports a wide variety of code pages like Unicode or American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) code. A flat file is similar to a relational database.


It is considered as database system tables. Informatica is derived from other applications like Human Resource Database (HRD), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc.

Pros of Informatica

  1. Reduces risk
  2. Easy to monitor data
  3. Governs data from different use case including hybrid cloud, on-premises and big data environments.

Here, I have described the innovations and use of Informatica. Get start to learn more about ETL tool with Informatica course in Chennai. Learn new techniques today and get a wonderful job in MNC companies. FITA helps you fetch your dream job in Informatica when you take up the classes in our Institute.