Recent updates of WordPress


WordPress is a popular web development tool which helps to manage content. Almost, 75 million websites are using WordPress, it is free and easy to install. Thousands of themes and plugins are available and the developer can use plugins to improve their website quality.

WordPress 4.8 was released in July and it works smoothly and the team builds the community infrastructure of the development process.

Next Step in WordPress

WordPress team will release a new version on September 30. For the last few months, new versions and updates are released in the market. PHP coding is used to develop the WordPress sites and it will not be the visible directory, it appears on Plug-in Directory Page. Gutenberg WordPress is a popular one and this will be the new editor of WordPress core. Gutenberg v1.0.0 version is released, learn more about WordPress via WordPress Training in Chennai. Experts train you to with new tricks.

The new version of WordPress 4.8.1 was released suddenly for maintenance process. This version supports to update the background automatically. This version helps to improve our website quality. With this version, a business or an individual can launch their website with extreme features.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are highly helpful. An individual can publish the content in an attractive way.

Steps to add WordPress Plugin

  1. Log onto WordPress
  2. Choose post and click “Add New”
  3. Identify the plug-in and install it
  4. Activate the new plug-in
  5. If there is any change move to settings and configure it.

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Why should you update WordPress?

It is open source software. Developers usually try new things always. With updated versions, you can fix bugs and add more features to your site. Security is important for all those processes, without which your business will face a lot of issues. Regular updates help to prevent your site from malicious code and plug-in. Certain malignant codes can steal your confidential information. It can also create a bad impact on SEO.

How to update the site?

Many people are busy to maintain their business itself. In such case, many don’t have time to update the site properly. Regular updates are necessary to run your business profitably. Install WordPress Updates Notifier Plugin, once this plug-in is installed, you will get an email notification for every hour. With new versions, businesses can update the site as per their need.

New versions

  1. WordPress 4.8.1 Maintenance
  2. WordPress 4.8 “Evans”
  3. WordPress 4.8 Release Candidate
  4. WordPress 4.8 Beta 2 and much more.

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