How to be an Effective Public Speaker

It is a sad truth that many potential people are still remaining as audiences. Even if they have the content in them, certain other issues like stage fear and lack of language skills stop them from grabbing the mike and becoming a good public speaker. Public speaking not only improves the knowledge of the listeners but also enhances the skills of the speakers. Public speaking is also a great tool for personality development. The major issue is that many people are unaware or don’t have the reach to acquire language skills like usage of words, grammar, tenses etc. To know more on how to be an effective public speaker and gain proficiency in the language of English, join for Spoken English Classes in Chennai.


The first element that is important in public speaking is understandability. The audience must be able to understand what you are talking. To understand what you are talking, clarity should be there in it. Clarity here is in two meanings. One is clarity in the words used and the other is the clarity in the content. Talking about the clarity of words, you should pronounce words correctly so that people understand what exactly you mean. While pronouncing your slang can sometimes be an issue. But you should train yourself to make your slang understandable to your audience. Words are the index of your content or speech. There are some situations where two words have the same kind of pronunciation. You should be careful in such cases. The second is clarity in the content that you talk. Whatever the topic you talk on, the content should be right. Only when the content is right a flow will be present in your speech and only when you have a flow, the audience will get involved in what you are talking.


If you talk something that is really interesting and worthy but in a very feeble voice then everything you talk is a waste. The audience should be able to hear what you talk. This is actually a very basic quality that should be present in anyone who wants to be an effective public speaker. When you talk to a large gathering, it sometimes becomes difficult for your voice to reach the audience at the back. In such cases, you should raise your voice and talk in a higher tone. But one small factor you should take care is that to be aware of the difference between being audible and being over loud. You should not shout but just be audible.


Boldness is something that comes along with your audibility and volume of your voice. When you talk in a louder voice you tend to be bolder in your speech. Boldness is a style that should be present in your speech. But boldness should not only be restricted to your volume. It should also be present in your body. One should not bend while giving a speech. You should stand in a straight gesture. If you stand in a curved posture while addressing a gathering, your audience might feel that you are not interested in talking or that you are tired.


Language is ultimately what you deliver through your speech. Language is one of the most important factors while giving a speech. You should make sure that at least a majority of your audience. You should choose a language that is more relevant to people who are present. The language you choose should be effective in creating an impression in the minds of the people listening to you. To gain fluency in the language of English and be a good orator, try to gain the best knowledge from Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar.


The way you carry yourself and your body is crucial at a public speaking stage. You will have to use your hands wisely and comfortably. You should not skip using your hands while interacting with the audience. You should not make hand gestures that can disturb or distract the audience. One should also make sure to move around during his/her speech.


This is an important aspect in capturing the attention of the audience.  One should try to keep eye contact with different people among the audience so that they feel that you are interactive.

These are some the important factors that you should keep in mind while a speech.  When you try to incorporate these tips into your speech, it is sure that you will become an effective speaker.  Through the best Spoken English Classes in Velachery, one will be able to become a good public speaker.