Features of SAS

SAS Training in Chennai

SAS is software and it is used in different fields such as Healthcare Industry, Data Analytics (using statistics), Human Resources, Financial Industry, etc. SAS is simple and user-friendly. Basic programming knowledge is enough to work with SAS domain. Both in India and Abroad, there is a great demand for SAS developers. Prefer SAS Training in Chennai and learn more about analytics. Use of analytics in various industries.

Use of analytics in finance

SAS is widely used to identify the fraud analytics, risk modeling and credit scoring. It runs on various environments such as Unix, Linux and Windows.

Use of analytics in banking

Generally, banks face lots of issues in data management. New innovations in analytics will help to maintain the data in a secure way. Through advanced analytics and Data Mining techniques, banks are managing the market uncertainty, control exposure risk and minimize fraud. By applying predictive analytics and data mining to extract actionable insights. Data Mining in banking helps to improve how banks are targeting and how to retain the customers in the minimum period of time. Additionally, you will identify the customer needs and get a high profit.

Use of analytics in HR

It is also called as talent analytics. There are lots of spaces to grow in this field. It helps to achieve business goals, hospitals, sales reps, physicians, payors, medical equipment companies and much more.

Use of analytics in Education

Analytics tool includes data mining, business intelligence and dashboards helps to improve the quality of the organization. People can also do higher education once analyzing the importance.

Use of analytics in Quality

Analytics help to check the product quality. At the same time, it includes the use of social network analysis, adaptive content and personalization.

Use of analytics in retail industry

It provides analytical data on consumer demand, inventory levels, sales, etc. All over the world, there is a great demand for analytics domain, people who need to shift their career in analytics field can take training from SAS course in Chennai, 8+ years of experienced candidates offer training to the freshers with real-time examples. Use this opportunity and learn the latest techniques. Data analytics plays an important role in price determination, it also performs several functions like inventory levels, tracking data, etc. An individual can also complete their work in a short duration.

Use of analytics in Telecom Management

Industries like Retail, Telecom and Finance are already forayed. Emerging Technologies like NoSQL database and Hadoop framework are using Telecom, with this a user can transform data from one to another with high security.