ReactJS Framework

ReactJS Training in Chennai

ReactJS is a JavaScript open-source library with JSX compiler which was built by developers. It is ideal for building mobile applications.  ReactJS was created by Facebook in 2013, it is 5th most starred JavaScript library and it is falling behind jQuery, Angular and HTML. ReactJS is a world’s largest social network, this library plays well in Rails, AngularJS and Node. It supports for both client and server side, Reactjs works with iOS, Android and Desktop. ReactJS helps to fix the errors in a short duration, ReactJS Training in Chennai will be the best choice for the candidates that who are looking to enroll in this field.

ReactJS helps to build a mobile application, it encourages developers to share their ideas from one to another. A programmer can also build websites and native applications for Android and iOS. Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Microsoft, Linkedin and much more are using ReactJS. It also introduces a functional, novel and radical approach to construct the user interface.

Concept of ReactJS

ReactJS has small Application Program Interface (API), this programming is easy to learn and simple to understand. Generally, React elements are JavaScript objects, it represents HTML elements and it doesn’t exist in the browser.

Pros of ReactJS

  1. ReactJS are SEO friendly
  2. ReactJS flexibility and performance are high
  3. Facebook stands behind this project
  4. Easy debugging
  5. Easy to build User Interfaces test cases
  6. Components are reused easily

JavaScript XML – JSX is a technique for creating ReactJS components and elements. JS syntax enables HTML quotes and it promotes machine-readable code. React are lightweight component based libraries which help to build user interfaces, it is mainly focused on the view-layer part.

Build your very first Mobile App with ReactJS

ReactJS is very much helpful for single page applications. Virtual DOM is compatible with the browser, it can narrow down and pinpoint the component.

ReactJS is considered as the suggested frameworks for developers, the candidates who are new to the field can easily learn and build your applications with additional features. The data can be added at the different time, it will automatically update the specific components that who actually changed and if you want to work with ReactJS you need to have a solid knowledge of CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript.

ReactJS is boon for Mobile App Owners, it allows developers to quick target for Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platform. Feedly, Airbnb and Netflix are the top ReactJS companies. Learn ReactJS today, lucrative career opportunities are available in this field. ReactJS Training assist you to become an expert in this field. Enroll now @FITA for the Reactjs course.