Organic Milk and Its Benefits

cow milk

Milk is an essential part of the diet in every household. As the population of India increases drastically the demand for good quality milk also increases to a great extent. Dairy farms are executing various methods to meet the increasing demand for milk. Some farms opt-out of the inorganic way to have more yield which affects the milk quality. Not all farms carry out the same strategy but care about their customers. Organic milk in Chennai is being produced by dairy farms as there is a great demand in the city these days.


Conjugated linoleic acid:

It is a kind of fat that has numerous health benefits. It improves our immune system, strengthens bone, reduces body fat, and improves the regulation of blood sugar. The CLA content in organic milk is thrice the times as compared to inorganic milk. 

Nutritional benefit:

Organic milk has several vitamins and nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is also good for reducing cancer risk.  

More antioxidants:

Organic milk consists of antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein. These antioxidants are good for our eyes. It helps in improving cataracts and any other eye diseases. 

Shelf life:

Shelf life is the major difference between organic and inorganic milk. The organic milk is heated at 280-degree temperature, hence it can be kept fresh for more than 7 days after its production. 

Chemical contamination:

Organic milk has been obtained from the cows that are grazed on organic pasture which is not contaminated or sprayed with pesticides. These cows are said to have a balanced diet and they feed on high-quality alfalfa, soy, bran, etc. Thus they maintain a perfect balance of minerals and vitamins without the use of antibiotics and fertility hormones. 

Purity factor:

Organic milk not only enhances immunity and metabolism but has various nutrient contents as compared to other varieties. The pure cow milk in Chennai is totally dependent on the food habits and care being given to the cow that produces it. Some cows have been injected with synthetic hormones that produce less quality milk. 


The quality depends on the care being given to the cow from that dairy farm. Certain farms give very good care to their herd to give quality milk to their consumers. There is a team of specially trained professionals who ensures the cows are content and they never force the milking process. Organic milk is a treat to people who look out for purity and quality. There are many farms that deliver organic milk straight to their doorstep. The cow milk rate in Chennai keeps increasing owing to its demand from their consumers.