How To Install Linux OS?

How To Install Linux OS?

Linux has become a great replacement for Windows. Installing Linux will not affect any of your data but to be on a safer side it is good to have a copy of the wanted data so before you install Linux have a backpack of all your data.

It is said that installing Linux is a tedious process but when you do it by following proper steps, you can know that it is not a tough task to install. Installing Ubuntu and Mint makes booting and installing a non-issue task. Ubuntu secure boot is not safe, which leads to attack cracked ISOs and the next version of secure boot security problem will be fixed by Ubuntu’s parent company, Canonical. And, Mint will automatically fix. If in case you cannot install mint with secure boot on your PC, then you can turn off Secure Boot. There are many ways to switch off Secure Boot, and all the process includes going to UEFI control panel and turning it off.

Linux Mint Installation:

When you want to start the process of installing the Linux Mint in your PC, make sure your PC is plugged in, you need a high-speed internet connection and 8GBs of free drive space.

Reboot into Linux, when you have the Mint display there will be an icon on the left to install Mint and double click on it. You will have to select basic details like Language, time zone and the one hard part is partitioning your hard drive. To make the partitioning work easier, click the first option in the installation menu “Install Linux Mint alongside them.” Doing this, your Linux Mint will get installed and leave it untouched. After doing this, you will be asked to which operating system you will have to boot by default and you can switch to the operating system in few seconds. And now you are required to create a username and password for the security purpose.

Once you complete the entire installation, you can then choose to Boot into Linux Mint. After doing this, you need to update your system to the latest software. Unlike windows, when you update Mint you will have to update the entire software on your PC. To proceed with the process, click on the shield icon then it will prompt you for the password, give your password which will automatically lead you to update.

You have finally installed Linux, all you have to do is read these process clearly and follow it accordingly and make sure you have a good Internet connection.