Everything you need to know about Android P


2018 is the year of Android P. World is contracting with the growth of mobile phone technology. Mobile app users are increasing day by day because it has lots of facilities. Mobile phone changed our lives it is not just used to make phone calls you can share your data from one to another with high security. You can edit and share your data with other. It has lots of facilities like Music Player, Camera, Web browser, TV, Tablet PC and much more. Android provides Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Android was built by Google. It is a modified version of Linux Kernel which helps to develop mobile and web applications. Learn and build your very first application with the support of Android Training in Chennai. With the minimal duration, you will become a smart programmer.

Android is one of the most widely used mobile OS these days. It is available as open-source for developers to develop applications. Around 300000 billion applications are developed under android with over 4+ billion downloads. It relies on Linux version 2.6 for core system devices such as network stack, memory management, driver model, process management, security, etc.

Android P is officially called as Android 9

Google launched Android P version recently. It makes your smartphone smarter. The biggest advantages of Android P are the removal of navigational buttons. Android P is the big upgrade from Oreo. Android 3.0 Honeycomb was released in 2011, it has three button navigation system such as Recent, Back and Home. It has been eliminated in Android P versions.

Android OS is built on Linux kernel; it was released under Apache v2 open source license. Android P introduced vertical swiping transitions. Enhance your app development skills through Android course in Chennai.

Android P comes with easy screenshot capture, so you don’t have to press the vol+power button. Android P provides screenshot option in power menu, not only take screen it also helps to edit the photos after capturing. You can also add a caption with that picture.

Android P includes biometric prompt, it replaces the fingerprint dialog. In addition to that, it supports for Face and Iris authentication.

Android P supports for

  1. Google Pixel
  2. Google Pixel 2
  3. Google Pixel XL
  4. Google Pixel 2XL
  5. One Plus 6
  6. Oppo R15 Pro
  7. Sony Xperia XZ2
  8. Vivo X21
  9. Nokia 7 Plus

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