IELTS: Everything to know about English Proficiency Test

IELTS Everything to know about English Proficiency Test

IELTS is an English proficiency test used to assess a person’s ability to understand English to study or work in an English-speaking country nation. Only IELTS levels are acceptable inside and outside the UK for visa and immigration reasons. Used to see if you have a decent foundation in English by checking your IELTS score, colleges, and visa issuing institutions. Although IELTS is not needed for admission, it can be beneficial when applying for a student visa. If you are here to know about IELTS: Everything to know about English Proficiency Test, you can prefer IELTS Coaching in Chennai at FITA Academy.

IELTS tests your ability in four main regions:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Who leads IELTS

IELTS is administered by IDP Education Ltd, an international educational organisation that places students in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Ireland, and Canada. It is India’s sole provider of the IELTS examination.

Classifications of IELTS

There are two general versions of IELTS:

  • IELTS Academic: It’s for students who applied to a university or college in a country where English is spoken.
  • IELTS General Training: Individuals who relocate to an English-speaking nation might apply for training programmes and jobs there.

Scope of IELTS

IELTS is an English language test for overseas students who want to work, study, or relocate. These English Scholarships, which were designed in conjunction with international experts, are recognised by more than 10,000 organizations in 140 countries across the world. Boost your knowledge to get success in the IELTS test with the support of IELTS Online Classes. People who want to start a profession in a foreign country should enrol in FITA Academy IELTS training and receive expert assistance.

Eligibility for IELTS

IELTS requires no qualifications, so you can take exams depending on age or educational background. To make this language ability test, IDP Education Limited recommended that you must be at least 16 years old. 

What to do with your IELTS Score– A strong IELTS score can help you advance in your career. If you wish to learn, live, or work in Australia, IELTS is accepted. In Australia, more companies are requiring non-native English speakers to prove their English competence with an IELTS score.

IELTS exam modes

In India, the IELTS test is accessible in two formats:

  • IELTS on paper: You must go to an official IELTS exam facility and sit behind a desk with questions and response forms for your reading, listening, and writing examinations in this form. The oral test is given in front of an IELTS examiner who is certified.
  • IELTS on the computer: You must go to an official IELTS exam centre and perform your reading, hearing, and written exams in front of a computer, with the questions presented on the screen. The speech test, on the other hand, is done in the presence of a certified IELTS testee and does not need the use of a computer.

IELTS exam format

The IELTS exam is split into four parts. The examination will last 2 hours and 45 minutes. in total. The listening, reading, and writing components can all be finished in one sitting. The last component, Speaking, can be completed on the same day as the previous components or 7 days before or after.

All exam takers are given the opportunity to take a listening and speaking test. However, based on whether the test writer is coming for an educational or generic IELTS exam, the reading and writing portions will differ. Well-experienced instructors at IELTS Coaching In Bangalore conduct unique test series for students to gain a great scores.