Top 5 best Java Frameworks for 2018

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A framework is a platform which helps to develop software applications. These frameworks include functions and predefined classes that are used to manage devices; process input and interacts with system software. Every framework is helpful to perform some different tasks, also it is helpful to build a mobile application. Below I have listed Top 5 Java frameworks.

  1. Spring MVC

Spring framework provides Model-View-Controller Architecture that is used to develop flexible web applications. With this, an individual can separate apps into different aspects (UI logic, business logic and input logic). This framework helps to integrate with JSF, Hibernate and Struts 2. A user can build highly flexible MVC application with annotations. Learn more about Java frameworks through Spring Training in Chennai, expert guidance from top MNCs is helpful to land a great profession with good salary package. Spring Framework 5 is going to launch soon 2018, it supports for Java EE 8 and JDK 9.

Advantages of Spring Framework

  1. Powerful Abstraction
  2. Fast Development
  3. Lightweight
  4. Loose Coupling
  5. Declarative Support
  6. Easy to Test

           2. Hibernate

Hibernate is an advanced ORM framework which helps to perform a database operation on Java objects. It also supports for backend developers to access the layer. It handles high-level object functions and the user can communicate with the database using tiny alterations. Get to know how helpful the Hibernate framework is learning more through Hibernate Training in Chennai. Step by Step approach is helpful to learn these frameworks in the short span of time.

  1. Grail

It is a popular framework in Java platform. It includes integrating ORM, runtime, and Domain-Specific Languages. It offers consistent development framework. Grail provides complete development mode, it also includes the web server with this an individual can build mobile and web applications easier. Grail is easy to learn.

  1. Struts 2

Struts are the most popular framework in today’s scenario. Apache Software Foundation was started Struts 2, it is specially designed to build mobile and web applications. It easily integrates with JDBC and Hibernate. Learn more through Struts Training in Chennai teach you more about Java frameworks.

Java Web Frameworks list

  1. Vaadin
  2. Play Framework
  3. DropWizard
  4. Spring MVC
  5. Spring Boot
  6. GWT
  7. Struts
  8. Grails
  9. JSF
  10. JHipster

          5. Play Framework

It helps to build web applications with the support of Java and Scala. This framework is based on stateless, lightweight and web-friendly architecture.

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