Techniques to Learn New Words in English

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Techniques to Learn New Words in English

As a language learner, you put much effort into growing your vocabulary. You practice with flashcards, construct extensive word lists, and work through new words daily. However, when it comes to speaking, the new words don’t seem to stick in your mouth, so you repeatedly go back to your old friends—words you already know and have used a lot. It might be challenging for language learners to remember and speak new terms. You can improve your way of speaking in English through Spoken English Classes in Chennai at FITA Academy and develop your communication skills. Here are some techniques to learn new words in English.

Learn in Chunks and Scripts

When we learn words in little “chunks” (i.e., brief sentences made up of many words) and “scripts” (i.e., common dialogues), we recall them better. For instance, memorize the phrase “to come up with an idea” instead of only the phrasal verb “to come up with.” Doing so may ensure that you can use this verb in at least one phrase. Similarly, memorize “hello” in a script, such as “Hello, how are you?” rather than memorizing all 33 variations. – I’m good, thanks.

Use your Inner Voice

In basic terms, learning is an interior activity. You must enter the world of your inner voice to learn a word. Try these things: Once you have heard a word or phrase, repeat it to yourself in your thoughts before speaking it aloud. Listen to the recording of yourself speaking it. 

Visualize What the Word or Phrase Looks Like

You can remember the meaning of a word when you hear it by drawing what it means, either on paper or in your head. This technique is effective with idioms like the informal expression “to keep one’s mouth shut,” which means “to not talk about something.” You can Learn English Speaking Course Online and build your language proficiency.

Create Mnemonics

Develop a creative phrase or story that will help you better remember the word’s meaning (a mnemonic). When I need to remember terms that are challenging to spell, I find this method works very well.

Here are a couple of mnemonics that might be helpful

  • “Career” = car and beer
  • Island refers to is land.
  • ‘To lose’ – uh-oh, I’ve lost an ‘o’

Use Spaced Repetition

Repeating new words helps them stick in your memory. However, a day of 100 repetitions will have a different impact than a few repetitions spread over a few days or weeks (also known as spaced repetition).

Utilize the new word right away. Try to remember it an hour later. Just before you go to bed, go over it. Use it once more the next day. Finally, after a few days, go back and review it.

Play Some Challenging Word Games

The brain is stimulated when a challenge is recognized. Playing games that teach you new words and meanings is a fun way to increase your vocabulary.

Write it Down

A new word’s meaning and spelling are more easily fixed in your memory by writing it down (preferably by creating a sentence employing the term). Make the statements accurate regarding you or a person you know.

Speak it into Reality

Even if you have worked hard to memorize a new term or phrase, it can be challenging to recall it when needed actively. Make a change by recording yourself speaking continuously for two to four minutes. You could discuss a particular subject or explain the environment you’re in. Next, play back the speech you recorded and pay attention to the words you used. Have any of the new terms you wanted to activate have you used? Did you employ any well-known words that the new ones could have taken their place? Create a fresh recording after that. Then check whether it is better now. Learn New Words in English by joining Spoken English Classes Bangalore to speak in English like a native speaker.